Safety Tips for a Safe Year | Start the new year with safety in mind! Here are some safety tips to keep in mind at work – and at home. When in doubt, we urge you to always consult your supervisor and official workplace safety guidelines. Following those posted and taught rules will save time, tools, and lives.

Stay Alert — safety tips

Image of smiling handsome young male warehouse worker in yellow jacket with flare stripes, leaning on the handle of a pallet jack loaded with boxes with warehouse in background for safety tips ARM action resource managementAs the saying goes, “stay alert to stay alive.” The more alert you are, the less likely you are to get hurt. Do your best to get a full 8 hours of sleep to keep you at your best. Ask your supervisor if you are unsure how to operate equipment or perform a task. Always train on new equipment before attempting to use it.

Wear the Appropriate, Approved Clothing — safety tips

Your workplace guidelines may vary, but in general, work clothes for warehouse jobs should fit properly – fitted and close to the body. Avoid jewelry, flowy sleeves, pants that drag on the ground, and loose hair. Look at it this way: anything that could be caught in machinery is a hazard. Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by your job.

Use the Right Tools for the Job — safety tips

Don’t use whatever it is you have at hand – you aren’t MacGyver! You will do the job properly and safely when you use the proper tools. Shortcuts are never good, especially in terms of safety.

Image shows warehouse worker in red overalls and yellow safety cap and gloves lifting a box from the ground for safety tips ARM action resource management Lift Properly, Lift Safely — safety tips

Learn to lift properly – see below. Always ask for help when you need it.

  1. Keep a wide base of support. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, one foot slightly ahead of the other;
  2. Squat down, bending only at the hips and knees. You can put one knee on the floor and your other knee in front of you, bending at a right angle if needed;
  3. Keep good posture. Look straight ahead, keeping your back straight, chest out, and shoulders back;
  4. Slowly lift, straightening your hips and knees (not your back). Keep your back straight, not twisting as you lift;
  5. Hold the load as close to your body as possible, at the level of your belly button;
  6. Use your feet to change direction, taking small steps;
  7. Lead with your hips when you change direction. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips as you move;
  8. Set down your load carefully, squatting with the knees and hips only.

Joking Around isn’t Funny — safety tips

Playing tricks on coworkers is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, machinery is damaged, or the work product is destroyed. Keep the practical jokes for after work hours.

Keep a Clean Workplace and Workspace — safety tips

You know the drill – put tools and equipment away when they are not in use. Pick up and store extension cords and keep cables out of the way of foot and equipment traffic. Pick up and discard trash immediately.

Report Accidents — safety tips

It should go without saying, but ALWAYS report accidents, defective equipment, and unsafe working conditions. Report ASAP.

Image of a person in jeans and work boots on the floor with legs entangled in fallen ladder (image of a ladder fall accident) for ARM action resource management

First Aid First — safety tips

Don’t risk a small cut or injury becoming something bigger that can cause you to miss work, or even permanent injury. Get first aid attention for all injuries. If you experience a serious injury, follow your workplace protocol to ensure you get help ASAP.

Share Your Safety Ideas — safety tips

Sometimes the best ideas come from the people who are on the floor, doing the work. If you have an idea that you think would help increase safety and reduce on-the-job accidents, talk to your supervisor and share your thoughts.

Image of Personal protective equipment (PPE) hanging from hooks in warehouse or workplace. Includes goggles, safety hard hat and safety vests for ARM action resource managementThere Are No Shortcuts — safety tips

Forget about shortcuts. Taking a shortcut is like spinning the roulette wheel – you may feel lucky, but you never know ahead of time how it will end up. Learn to do tasks properly and continue to do so for your safety and the safety of others.




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