Image is about floor obstacles in the workplace, showing a young man worker wearing an orange safety vest on the ground as if he has fallen down - for A.R.M. action resource management Safety trainingFloor obstacles — Lifting & Climbing | For many warehouse workers, it’s not surprising that slips, trips, and falls account for a high number of workplace accidents. Unfortunately, we see the bad results of a worker’s “shortcut.” For the worker, it seems like a quick and easy change from the standard operating procedures. “Why not?” they might think. “Nothing bad will happen,” and off they go. Even if it seems like there is no possible way that your shortcut can cause an accident of some kind, stick to the rules. Why take the risk for someone else?


Keep the floor free of obstacles and spills. If it isn’t, follow your workplace protocol to avoid accidents and injury.

Avoiding Floor Obstacles

Remember to:

  • Always clear the floor of obstructions like holes, cracks, or loose cords.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Get trained to use fall restraints such as body harnesses, guardrails, and warning lines if you are able to use them.
  • Follow workplace protocol for reporting and responding to accidents and injuries.

Image is about floor obstacles in the workplace slips trips and falls and warehouse safety depicting the legs and feet of a warehouse worker tripping and falling over yellow tape on the ground for A.R.M. action resource managementFinal Notes

It’s worrisome to know, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips, trips, and falls cause nearly 700 fatalities each year, and even more cause injurious accidents in the workplace. Just follow the rules & safety guidelines at your workplace – it’s that simple and safe.

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  • Health and Safety Compliance Programs
  • Safety Behavior & Wellness Programs


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