Close-up image of worn, old black work boots with loose laces for Safety on your feet A.R.M. action resource management Safety on your feet — Wearing the right footwear for the job is a crucial part of safety on the job. We’re not talking about wearing flip-flops vs. workboots, but what type of workboots or shoes? It can make a difference!

For example, your work environment and the types of walking surfaces you’re exposed to make “safety on your feet” shine a light on how serious this is – do you walk on slippery or oily surfaces, loose gravel, hard concrete, or uneven walking surfaces?




When it comes to wearing safe and appropriate footwear at work, there are many things to consider. Review this hazard checklist when you’re selecting the right workplace footwear. Safety on your feet is part of safety on the job.

  • Is there a risk of objects falling on, striking, or puncturing your feet? Image of warehouse worker or manager walking towards the camera, focused on their foot wear A.R.M. action resource management
  • Do you work with harsh, corrosive chemicals?
  • How long are you required to stand?
  • Is there a possibility of static electricity discharge in explosive atmospheres or risk of damage from static electricity to sensitive equipment?
  • What is your risk of coming into contact with energized conductors of low to moderate voltage?
  • Do you work in extreme heat or cold?
  • Do you have exposure to water or other liquids?
  • Do you have exposure to rotating or abrasive machinery?

Image of pavers' work boots A.R.M. action resource management


Safety on your feet – Now you know

Once you determine your work environment hazards, you can select the proper footwear. For your safety, remember to always wear recommended or OSHA-compliant footwear for your job. (See below for a link with information.)

Final Thoughts

Safety on your feet is a reminder that wearing the right footwear for the job is the safest way to go. Not only will the proper footwear treat your feet better, but you will be better able to perform your work without causing yourself -or anyone else- any harm. Be safe out there!

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