Image of forklift with boxes behind other equipment and boxes A.R.M. action resource managementOSHA’s Top Ten — That is, the ten most frequently cited standards gathered after worksite inspections by federal OSHA for all industries in 2022. The biggest and most frequent offender is Fall Protection. In fact, it’s the 12th year that Fall Protection has made the list – and twice, under General Requirements and Training Requirements.

Here are some recommendations to prevent accidents and injuries while on the job. Let’s eliminate OSHA’s “top ten.” We know we can all do better and we want to help you do better, too.

Fall Protection

Check your fall protection gear for damage or wear before you put it on; replace it if necessary and then wear it properly. Always follow posted safety guidelines and your training information.

Hazard Communication

Follow all instructions on labels, Safety Data Sheets, and Hazard Classifications. Ensure that signs are legible and posted at proper sight distance to the hazards.

Image of a worker wearing PPE - orange safety vest, respirator, and goggles OSHA's Top Ten A.R.M. action resource managementRespiratory Protection

Wear the appropriate respirator for the job. Always use a respirator in confined spaces or when working near dangerous fumes.


Keep at least three points of contact on a ladder: one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot at all times.


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Image of scaffolding against sunset sky A.R.M. action resource management


Ensure guardrails and toe boards are in place on all open sides.


Follow every step in the lockout/tagout procedure to protect yourself and others from unexpected equipment startup or the release of hazardous energy.

Image of lockout/tagout and warehouse workers OSHA Top 10 A.R.M. action resource managementPowered Industrial Trucks

Industrial trucks can tip easily. Always drive at posted speed limits and don’t overload forklifts.

Fall Protection — Training Requirements

Get properly trained if you have to work at heights.

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Personal Protective and Lifesaving Requirements — Eye and Face Protection

Always use appropriate eye or face protection when exposed to eye or face hazards and ensure it meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard.

Machine Guarding

Always replace machine guarding after maintaining or repairing equipment. Never remove the protection when operating the machine.


Final thoughts

OSHA’s Top Ten list is a reminder that safety should always be our number one concern, especially on the job. Safety is so important that when it’s neglected, people’s lives can be changed – or even ended – forever. Always follow posted safety rules and regulations at your workplace, and know, understand, and comply with your training. If you have questions, ask, and always be open to learning more. Be safe out there!

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