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Clothing Safety — Clothing choice might seem like an unusual warehouse safety topic, but it really is worth mentioning. There is a lot to consider, when you factor in your job’s safety rules, the type of work you are doing and any associated hazards, plus any other number of factors may impact what you wear -and don’t wear- to the job.

If your job has you working outdoors, then weather is always a consideration — if the weather is hot, consider wearing thinner layers of breathable fabrics. If it’s cold out, then you’ll want thicker, warmer layers. Layering is important because you can remove or add a layer depending on the temperature and your comfort level.

As always, follow your workplace clothing and safety rules.

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Comfort is an important consideration, as you’ll be wearing your work clothes for the duration of your shift. However, comfort cannot take away from important safety factors! Long, loose sleeves can get caught in machinery and hooked on shelving. Jewelry can also be dangerous, depending on the work you do, as rings can get hooked onto machinery or other objects accidentally, causing horrible  situations. Even the strings on your hoodie can be problematic if you bend forward over a machine and a string gets caught.

To be safe, stay away from loose, flowy sleeves, pants with holes in them, pants that drag along the floor, and loose hair. If you have longer hair, pull it back into a ponytail away from your face and shoulders – there have been devastating accidents involving a worker’s hair getting caught in machinery.

These safety tips seem so simple – even obvious – but they are important to repeat because people don’t always follow them and so there continues to be accidents at workplaces across the country.

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Final thoughts

Always follow your workplace safety rules and be aware of how your clothing might put you or others in danger. It may help to keep work-safe clothing together in one place so that you never accidentally grab your ripped jeans or an oversized shirt. Stay safe in what you wear and in what you do!



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