Young warehouse woman worker instructing another worker. A.R.M. action resource management Training is essential — Warehouse work can be dangerous, especially when it involves heavy machinery, like forklifts and heavy pallets. These are the main sources of injuries and deaths in warehouses, and the most frequent reason for OSHA penalties.

Every year, about 95,000 workers in the United States get hurt by forklifts. Many of those injuries could have been avoided by workers being properly trained. Not being trained can be disastrous – even life-threatening.

Training is Essential for Everyone

Image of three smiling coworkers, all wearing hard hats and yellow safety vests A.R.M. action resource management

Training for warehouse workers isn’t limited to machinery, though. From using a box cutter to climbing a ladder, every team member should feel knowledgeable about and comfortable with all the aspects of their job.

Benefits of warehouse training include:

  • More confident, productive staff
  • Employees feel valued
  • Employees are focused on their work.
  • Learning new skills can help them to be promoted in the future.

Image of smiling warehouse workers and manager and boss with warehouse in background. training is essential A.R.M. action resource management

Benefits for the Company

Training isn’t simply for the benefit of the worker; the employer stands to gain with well-trained employees.

  • Efficient, effective, high-volume, streamlined warehouse processes.
  • Fewer instances of waste and fewer errors
  • Avoids risk of lawsuits
  • Makes the warehouse a better place to work for current and potential employees.
  • Retaining the best employees rather than seeing a high turnover rate
Training is Essential – What If’s

Not being trained as a warehouse worker can have serious consequences for your safety, health, performance, and career. Some of the dangers of not being trained are:

Increased risk of injuries and accidents

Untrained workers are more likely to use equipment and supplies incorrectly or unsafely, which can result in injuries to themselves or others. This can also lead to legal repercussions, compensation claims and damage to the company’s reputation.

Image of young warehouse worker wearing hard hat and yellow safety vest, smiling from forklift. training is essential A.R.M. action resource management

Decreased productivity and quality

Untrained workers are more likely to make mistakes, waste time and resources, and produce defective products. This can affect the company’s efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Reduced morale and retention

Untrained workers may be unhappy, unsatisfied, stressed-out, and undervalued in their jobs, which can affect their motivation, quality of work, and loyalty to the company. It can also make them more likely to leave or look for other opportunities.

Limited career growth

Untrained workers tend not to develop the skills and knowledge required to advance in their position. They may miss out on opportunities for promotion, recognition, and learning. They may also fall behind the industry standards and expectations.

Learn more about warehouse safety from OSHA.


Young warehouse woman worker wearing orange safety vest holding inventory tablet A.R.M. action resource managementFinal Thoughts

It is clear that warehouse workers should be adequately training for their duties and responsibilities. Being trained helps workers to do their jobs properly and to prepare for career growth. For managers, having a well-trained team means a better workflow, fewer accidents, and a more satisfied workforce. If you feel you need more training, please speak with your supervisor.

As always, follow the guidelines of your current employer. Stay safe out there!



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