Facing a “new normal” during the pandemic and an uncertain future, many of us are stressed. Stress is often tied to health & mental problems, leading to accidents on the job. Here are some tried & true stress busters to keep your mind & body healthy and safe:

  • Take a deep breath: Stop what you’re doing. Inhale and exhale slowly & deeply three times.
  • Evaluate the situation: Is it beyond your control? If so, take your deep breaths, telling yourself to calm down & let it go.
  • Choose one task -even a small one- that you’ve been putting off and do it. Lightening your load can energize you, making you calmer.
  • Get outside: Taking a break & getting fresh air can induce calming thoughts.
  • Exercise: Physical activity releases mood-boosting endorphins, so make exercise part of your everyday routine.
  • Try positive self-talk: When you get overwhelmed, stop, take a break and give yourself a pep talk.
  • Write in a journal: Whether by hand, on a computer, or an app, be honest about your feelings, and you may come up with solutions to what stresses you.
  • Try sugarless gum. Research has confirmed that chewing gum can reduce stress.


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